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Not Lauren
Michigan, United States
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30 rock, a very potter musical, alexisonfire, alternative music, angel, animal crossing, arcade fire, being lazy, ben linus, benry, birds, buffy the vampire slayer, castiel, cats, classical music, clouds, cockatiels, coheed & cambria, color, community, daydreaming, dean winchester, designing, disney's gargoyles, doctor who, dogs, drawing, dungeons and dragons, dynasty warriors, fall out boy, fan art, fan fics, final fantasy, ford mustang, fringe, game music, ghost hunters, glee, goodfellas, grand theft auto 3, graphic art, graphic design, guinea pigs, harry potter, icanhazcheeseburger, icon making, icons, interpol, jack shephard, jack's beard, jack's tattoos, jack/juliet, jack/kate, jack/sawyer, jack/sayid, jate, jayid, jude law, juliet burke, keane, lady gaga, legend of zelda, lolcats, lost, matthew fox, metal gear solid, metric, movie soundtracks, movies, muse, music, mythology, nip/tuck, oldies, owl city, peen, photoshop, playstation 2, procrastination, pushing daises, queen, rain, rockband, role-playing, rpgs, sawyer/juliet, scottish terriers, scrubs, silent hill, sleeping, soul reaver, spirited away, spongebob squarepants, sports cars, suliet, supernatural, that's what she said, the elder scrolls, the godfather, the horde, the killers, the matrix, the office, the sims, the sopranos, the strokes, the vampire diaries, thunderstorms, true blood, tv shows, typography, video games, waterfalls, web designing, werewolves, world of warcraft, writing, x-men, xbox 360
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